An archeological itinerary in Villasimius

The tombs of giants, the Domus de Janas, the nuraghes and Phoenician-Punic ruins in the inland of Villasimius make for a magical itinerary.


The territory of Villasmius has been inhabited since ancient times: the tombs of giants, the Domus de Janas, the nuraghes and Phoenician-Punic ruins testify to the presence of settlers in several spots along the coast but also inland.

Even though the archeological sites are not very well kept and are often surrounded by residential complexes, it is nonetheless possible to trace an itinerary to discover the origins and the traces of the first settlers in this part of Sardinia.


Domus de Janas near Riso Beach


The first archeological site that can be visited near Villasimius is the Domus de Janas of Riso Beach. In Sardinian “Domus De Janas” means ‘houses of fairies’; they are pre-Nuragic structures designed for burials. There are two sites, one next to the other, the biggest of which has two cells and a squared access gate.  


Distance: about 1 Km.  GPS Coordinates: 39°7’20″N 9°30’35″E


Giardone Nuraghe


It is located on a promontory behind the Mandorli Village. These ruins have been preserved thanks to the Mediterranean maquis that surrounds them. The nuraghe is located in a panoramic location surrounded by nature.


Distance: about 3 km. GPS Coordinates: 39°8’28″N   9°29’1″E


Is Cuccureddus and Nuraghe Site


The nuraghe and the site of Cuccureddus are located on the promontory between Cuccureddu beach and Campus beach. For the Phoenicians, Cucureddus was the first spot for mooring the boats coming from Lazio and Campania, and a crucial stop along the way to and from the Iberian peninsula, Sicily and the African coast. Source:


Distance: about 2 200 meters GPS Coordinates: 39°8’10″N   9°29’49″E


To complete this walk, or before starting the archeological itinerary in Villasimius, we strongly recommend a visit to the Archeological Museum of Villasmius;


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